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Haul Permits                                                             

  • Please read all the information on this page before entering in the Haul Permits Online System.
  • New and existing Companies:  To get a Haul Permit, click Haul Permits Online System below.
  • Changes have been made to “Conditions for Haul”.

Haul Permit Instruction

To all Highway Haul Permits applicants, please be sure to read the following document before you apply online.

The Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways is authorized by the Illinois Size and Weight Law (625ILCS 5/Ch. 15) to issue special permits. These permits allow the operation of vehicle or loads that exceed the legal maximum dimensions and weights. The Haul Permits are valid only for those highways under the jurisdiction of the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways.  (See Cook County Highway Jurisdiction Map)

Once you have processed your online permit, go to the online payment system to pay.  

Conditions for Haul Permits

The oversize/overweight permits are subject to these Conditions for Haul Permits.

We request that you apply few days ahead of your scheduled move.  All oversize and overweight vehicles needing engineer approval must allow seven days from the submittal for an additional structural engineer review and response.

Sample for Certificate of Insurance for Haul Permits