Out of respect for the deceased and their families and to avoid any disruption to daily operations, only a limited number of tours of the Medical Examiner’s facility are available to students in health-related fields, fire personnel, law enforcement personnel and trainees, and government agencies involved in the medicolegal justice system. Participants must be the equivalent of a junior in college and/or 21 years of age and bring a state-issued ID on the day of the tour. The instructor must provide an attendee roster in advance of the tour to the facility and participants will be required to sign a confidentiality form.
For more information, contact Mary Marik, Registered Health Information Administrator, at (312) 997-4430.


For statistical information and  FOIA requests, call our Registered Health Information Administrator, Mary Marik, at (312) 997-4430.

For governmental policy and media related inquiries regarding the Medical Examiner’s Office, contact Becky Schlikerman, Public Information Officer for the Cook County Bureau of Administration, at 312-603-5716 or