The Strategic & Tactical Enterprise Processes (STEP) ERP project aims to transform business in Cook County by roviding a single shared data source repository for all information that is shared by multiple business back office functions to improve the flow of data across the organization. This project touches on  a number of Cook County internal areas including: General Ledger, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Grants Accounting, Projects Accounting, Budget Preparation & Control, Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits Management, Inventory Management and Organization-wide Reporting and Analytics over the coming years. 

Wave 1: Core Financials & Purchasing

  • Core financials replace aging Cook County financial systems
  • Multiple legacy systems can be retired without needing temporary interfaces
  • Creates HR functionality to support workflow, approvals and position control
  • Provides ability to perform ad-hoc reporting requests
  • Global process design template with organization-specific configuration
  • New integrated capabilities in areas such as requisitioning, inventory, projects and grants

Wave 2: Budget Preparation & CAFR Reporting

  • Assists budget preparation and position control
  • Creates consistent budget submittals across all agencies leveraging a unified Chart of Accounts
  • Rapidly consolidates and reports financial results
  • Provides a consolidation solution specifically-designed as a reporting tool
  • Cook County financial reporting will be based on uniform and consistent data and Countywide processes 

Wave 3: Human Resources, Payroll & Benefits Management

  • Calendar year start simplifies tax reporting
  • Provides self-service capabilities to managers and employees Countywide
  • Capabilities extend across HR, Benefits and Payroll
  • Integrates the newly-developed CCT Time & Assistance solution

Wave 4: Inventory & Supplier Management 

  • Extends the functionality and benefits of contract management, strategic sourcing, supplier managment and supplier self-service
  • Capability to plan for and track preventative maintenance and process work orders