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Prescription Drug Benefit

When you enroll in a medical plan, you automatically receive prescription drug coverage through CVS/Caremark.  Prescriptions can be purchased through your local pharmacy or through mail order. Prescription co-pays range from $10.00 - $40.00 depending on your prescription and/or plan.

You will save money by purchasing generic drugs rather than brand-name drugs. 

Rx Copay

Maintenance Choice Program

The Maintenance Choice Program is now mandatory. After two fills, all maintenance medications must be filled in a 90 day supply through mail order or at a CVS Pharmacy.    If you choose to buy a formulary brand (on the drug list) or non-formulary brand (not on the drug list) when a generic substitute is available, you will pay the generic copay, plus the difference in cost between the generic and the full retail formulary brand or nonformulary brand drug cost.  

You should ask your doctor to write a 90-day supply prescription and get it filled at your CVS pharmacy.  

Maintenance Choice Program

Generic Step Therapy

A new Generic Step Therapy program requires members to use up to two generic alternatives in certain drug classes before a brand will be covered.   This program helps you and your doctor choose a lower-cost, generic medicine as the FIRST STEP in treating your health condition. Just because a medicine costs more doesn’t mean it works better. Some health conditions have many treatment options that vary in cost. Generic Step Therapy helps make sure the medicines that are effective and priced right are used first. Remember to talk to your doctor about generic medications as opposed to brand-name products to save even more money.

Generic Step Therapy


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