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Adoption Investigation Services

*Please contact Melissa Reyes, Adoption Support Specialist

The caseworker conducts intake and a social investigation of families in support of independent adoptions and submits a final adoption home study report to the Court. The social investigation will include at least two home visits to the home of the adoptive family. All individuals residing in the adoptive home must participate in the home study investigation.

The caseworker interviews the adoptive parents and conducts State and FBI criminal background checks and DCFS CANTS background checks for everyone residing in the adoptive home.

The caseworker collects all necessary supporting documents including but not limited to references, school reports, financial statements, the previous three years IRS tax returns, medical statements, employee verification, and  relevant certificate information.

The Director or Deputy Director takes specific adoption consents of birth parents as authorized by the court and the caseworker conducts an extensive interview of birth parents as part of the consent process.

If the child is age 14 or older, the caseworker takes consent from the child.

DAFSS provides post adoption search assistance as defined under state law, which includes responding to requests for information from the Confidential Intermediary Service of Illinois and individual requests for non-identifying information from adult adoptees and adoptive parents.

A sliding scale fee based on income is used to determine the cost of the adoption home study report.

Judicial Court Order

DAFSS requires a copy of the petition for adoption to begin working on the case. Other court orders required include the Interim order which appoints DAFSS to conduct the investigation and the case management order.

Submission of Home Study Report

With respect to adoption cases, DAFSS submits the home study reports 14 days before the court date unless an earlier date for submission is requested. Completion of the home study requires that all parties cooperate with the caseworker.  The caseworker interviews the adoptive parents as well as everyone who resides in the home including alternative care providers such as day care facilities.

Process fingerprint investigations and submit results to the proper parties

DAFSS tracks and obtains State and FBI fingerprint results from the Illinois State Police (ISP) for submission to the Court. ISP prefers that State and Federal fingerprint results are sent to agencies with ORI numbers. Agencies are required to log fingerprint data. Individuals may use a private vendor authorized by the State of Illinois for finger print collection. The rate charged and collected by a private vendor for fingerprinting is determined by the vendor and is separate and in addition to OACCA’s fingerprint processing fee.  Vendors may offer government rates. (Link to State of Illinois List)

Department of Adoption & Family Supportive Services fees:       

Adoption Intake Interview                                        $150.00

*Adoption Home Study Fee                                     Sliding Scale Fee

Adoption Inquiry Fee                                               $100.00

Parental Consent Adoption Fee                              $100.00 per hour

Follow-up Adoption Fee                                          $50.00

Home Study Out-of-State Fee                                 $500.00      

Subpoena Fee                                                           Rate may vary

Illinois State Police Fingerprint Fee

ISP                                                                              **$36.50


*Based on a sliding scale. The sliding scale fee, is determined by W-2s and a copy of the past three years’ IRS tax returns

**The ISP fee per individual, for State and FBI fingerprint background checks, is determined by ISP and may be subject to change.  


DAFSS Home Study Sliding Scale Fees

Under $10,000    -   $50.00

$10,001-14,999   -  $75.00

$15,000-19,999   -  $125.00

$20,000-24,999   -  $225.00

$25,000-29,999   -  $325.00

$30,000-34,999   -  $475.00

$35,000-39,999   -  $675.00

$40,000-44,999   -  $775.00

$45,000-49,999   -  $925.00

$50,000-59,999   -  $1,025.00  

$60,000-69,999   -  $1,225.00  

$70,000-79,999   -  $1,325.00

$80,000-89,999   -  $1,525.00

$90,000-99,999   -  $1,675.00

$100,000-149,999    -    $2,025.00

$150,000-199,999    -    $2,525.00

$200,000 and above   -  $3,025.00



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file for adoption?  

-         You can file at the Daley Center located at 50 W. Washington. State of Illinois Circuit Court of Cook County


How do I obtain fingerprints for adoptions?

-         Contact DAFSS Adoption Specialist to coordinate fingerprinting

-         Complete DAFSS fingerprint intake form (documents required include petition for adoption and interim order)

-         Complete fingerprint processing form

-         Results are retrieved by the Adoption Specialist and submitted to the relevant party


How do I begin a search for my birth parents and/or other relatives?

-         You can contact the state for a non-certified copy of the original birth certificate

-         You can contact the state and register your information with the Illinois Adoption Registry

-         You can contact the Confidential Intermediaries of Illinois who may be able to assist with a search.

-         You can contact DAFSS to inquire as to whether we have a record of conducting the social investigation for the adoption.