Bites to humans and companion animals must be reported to the local police department or to the Cook County Sheriff's office for unicorporated...

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Cook County Dog Training with Molson

Safety with Animals

Cook County Animal and Rabies Control provides a “Safety with Animals” program to the elementary schools of Cook...

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L.M.A. (Law Enforcement, Municipalities & Animal Control Officers) Request Assistance-Official Use Only


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Need Help in Finding Your Lost Pet?

Unfortunately, sometimes even the best trained pets get lost.   If your pet isn't found by searching...

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Low Cost Rabies Vaccinations 

For four months every year (two days of the week), Cook County Animal and Rabies Control...

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Rabies Tags

All animals receiving rabies vaccinations are issued a rabies tag that has been purchased from Cook County Animal and Rabies...

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Cook County Animal and Rabies Control offers select services in unincorporated Cook County. 



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An integral part of an effective animal control policy is controlling the unwanted pet population. Spaying or neutering pets before they produce...

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The Veterinary Reporting System allows veterinarians to report disease processes for communicable and zoonotic diseases.

This is a...

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Wildlife Surveillance

Disease surveillance is accomplished through three main mechanisms:

  • Submission of specimens to the...
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